CARENET, Inc. is the premier Eldercare management firm in Northern New Jersey., a one-stop information and action for health care services for senior citizens and their families.

CARENET’s extensive database of facilities allows us the privilege of recommending quality facilities in the North Jersey area. Our representatives, consisting of health care professionals, visit facilities, review inspection reports, and evaluate the ownership and administration, before making a recommendation.  Our recommendations include feedback from families.


A consultant to the health care industry, i.e. hospitals and nursing homes, CARENET is an authority on Medicare and Medicaid regulations. Located in Hackensack, New Jersey,CARENET maintains an extensive database of health care facilities and health care professionals throughout the State of New Jersey. Through membership in professional associations, CARENET is able to locate qualified managers throughout the United States.


CARENET, Inc. is engaged by hospitals and nursing homes to address specifiic problem cases that cannot be handled by in-house Social Service Departments, i.e  a hospital admits an the elderly patient, with no family(or out-of-state family) and no health insurance, who needs nursing home placement. The hospital would engage CARENET to process the medical application for the individual and to assist with placement. In some cases, a member of CARENET, Inc. would became Power-of-Attorney for these individuals.?


CARENET provides crisis management services. In most cases, the families of elderly relatives will engage CARENET to assist with financial management, nursing home or retirement home placement, and the processing of the Medicaid application.  CARENET, Inc. remains the family’s consultant during the entire process on all issues concerning the relative’s health care, even after the contracted services have been completed.

CARENET, Inc.’s areas of expertise include but not limited to the following:

  • Health Care Facilities: Nursing Homes; Assisted Living; Retirement Homes.
  • Medicare and Medicaid regulations and eligibility requirements.
  • Management of client assets with regard to Medicaid regulation.
  • Management of all personal affairs for elderly clients with no families or distant relatives, including all financial and health care needs.
  • Advisement on Long Term Care Insurance Policies.
  • Counsel on Advanced Directives: Living Wills & Health Care Proxies.
  • Referrals to qualified Health Care Professionals: Eldercare Attorneys; Accountants; Counselors; Long Term Care Insurance Agents; Home Health Care Agencies.

We take the burden off the family and place it on our shoulders. Most Eldercare Management firms are counseling organizations who advise families on possible solutions, but fail to initiate action, leaving it to the family to implement the plan. CARENET, Inc.solves the problem for the family by taking the appropriate actions and following the case to completion.