CARENET, Inc. has greatly expanded our Eldercare services. We provide specialized services to hospitals; nursing homes; assisted living facilities, and the corporate community. We have separated these services into the following categories:

Power-of-Attorney Interventions
Guardianship Cases
Medicaid Applications and Conversions
Medicaid Applications Processing
Complete Nursing Home and Retirement Home Placement Service
Counseling on Medicaid and Medicare Regulations
Management of Client Assets with regard to Medicaid regulations
Living Wills
Nursing Assessments at home prior to placement
Referrals for Long Term Health Insurance
Discount Medical Equipment for Home Health Care
Referral Services-Legal and Accounting
Follow-up Consultation on all services


CARENET, Inc has provided services to the following organizations:


Chilton Memorial Hospital
Clara Maass Hospital
Englewood Hospital
Holy Name Hospital
Robert Wood Johnson Hospital Center in  Hamilton
St. Joseph’s Wayne Hospital
The General Hospital Center for Passaic
Valley Hospital

Nursing Homes

Bristol Manor Health Care Center
Castle Hill Health Care Center
County Manor Health Care Center
Daughters of Miriam Geriatic Center
Lakeland Health Care Center
Lakeview Skilled Nursing and Rehab Center
Llanfair House
Milford Manor Health Care Center
Wanaque Care Center
Wellington Hall Care Center

CARENET, Inc. offers free inservices to corporations on community Eldercare services available to their employees and possible courses of action to take in various emergency situations. This benefits the corporation by reduction of employee absenteeism and decreasing of the stress levels on the employee in the workplace. Corporations traditionally have a great deal of employee absenteeism related to Eldercare problems. A typical situation would be one of an employee having a parent or other aging relative who becomes critically ill. The employee is compelled to take time off under Family Leave Act until the situation is remedied. The employee has limited knowledge of where to turn for assistance and the leave of absence becomes protracted. In some cases, the employee even resigns to take care of the elderly relative. By having a professional referral source, this employee may very well find alternative solutions to their problem and be able to return to work more expeditiously, with the problem under control.