Q: How many waiting lists should we be on to guarantee placement under Medicaid?
A: None. Waiting lists guarantee nothing. What you want is a facility when you need one. We will find a facility with current openings who will accept Medicaid

Q: Is CARENET affordable?
A: We recognize that it is an extremely traumatic time for the average family in negotiating the Medicaid system and/or searching for a quality health care facility, i.e. assisted living facility and/or skilled nursing home. CARENET, Inc. offers flat fees for the services that we perform for our clients.  In this way, our clients are aware of the total cost, without worrying about additional charges every time they call our office or schedule an appointment.  Our fees are more than competitive in the industry and our services are far more comprehensive than other companies.

Q: Is placement possible for all medical conditions? What about Alzheimers Disease?
A: Different medical conditions may call for different types of facilities. However, there exist facilities to address almost all conceivable medical needs. With respect to Alzheimers Disease, while there are several facilities that have Alzheimer’s units, almost all skilled nursing facilities handle Alzheimer’s patients.

Q: What makes CARENET different from other geriatric consulting and placement services?
A: Most others restrict their services to in-office consultation. CARENET representatives take the client to the nursing homes and through the admission process. After the placement, CARENET is still there for you to call without a new charge for each telephone consultation. Personal attention is our focus.

Q: Why do I need CARENET, why can’t I find a good nursing home or residential health care facility on my own?
A: Our professionals know how to judge the quality of care of a facility, not just the general appearance or price.   When our staff is out in the field visiting facilities, we conduct our own inspections, as we are servicing our many clients in the North Jersey area.   Our inspections are to evaluate care, not paperwork.

Additionally, we request that our clients after placement, provide input to our staff, as to their satisfaction with the facility of choice.

Every facility is rated by our system, which includes but is not limited to:

(1) quality of care;  (2) professionalism and longevity of key staff members; (3) state inspection reports; (4) client satisfaction; (5) cooperation with our staff members; (6) general reputation of ownership.

Q: Why shouldn’t we just allow the hospital social service department to find us a nursing home?
A: Although hospital service personnel work hard to serve many people needing placement, they must place these people expeditiously so the hospital does not lose Medicare reimbursements. They cannot possibly accompany to the eldercare facilities, offer them the number of alternatives or give the personal attention you will receive from CARENET.